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farm fresh omega-3 eggs

Enriched with Omega-3 which is obtained by giving flaxseeds in feed. Flaxseeds is full of Omega-3 fatty acids is transferred to Omega 3 in Yolk.

farm fresh golden eggs

Farm Fresh Golden Eggs have additional benefits of Selenium, Vitamin E which is given to hen in their feed to obtain Vitamin E & Selenium enriched Golden Eggs.

farm fresh classic eggs

We give 100% pure & healthy vegetarian feed to hens at Wahdat Farms. Feed we give to hens is free from any antibiotics, chemicals & animal protein source


What's Wahdat Farms?

The best Poultry Farms.

Wahdat Farms delivers the best quality Farm Fresh Eggs. Our Farms are highly managed to deliver fresh & Hygienic eggs. We are delivering fresh quality eggs since 2007.

About Us

We are the Pioneer of Branded Eggs in Pakistan. All Eggs are produced from Hens fed on 100% Vegetarian feed . We are most likely the only producer of Antibiotic free eggs in Pakistan. We are also pioneer of Enriched Eggs with included OMEGA-3 enriched and Vitamin D, E & Selenium enriched eggs. Our eggs are completely odorless and we do not utilize animal protein resources to keep the quality of eggs 100% natural. Hens feed based on 100% Pure Corn, Soya bean and Canola.

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