Return & exchange Policy

  • Broken Eggs Return Policy:

When our delivery rider is delivering eggs to you, please ensure at that time that there are no broken eggs in any of the packs because the company will not be responsible afterwards. If you find any broken eggs while checking at that time, please inform us on our Official WhatsApp number and inform the rider. We will try to replace those broken eggs As soon as possible.


  • Rotten or Bad Eggs Replacement Policy:

“If you have received rotten or bad eggs, please inspect up to a maximum of 4 eggs. If all 4 eggs are found to be rotten, you can request a replacement for the entire pack. Place the liquid of the eggs you broke into a shopper for investigation by the company during the replacement process, and return it to the rider. If you break more than 4 eggs, you will only receive replacements for the number of eggs returned to the rider.”

Please inform us on our Official WhatsApp number for the Rotten Eggs issue.